At Hospitality Superstore you have the option to personalize a wide range of items such as glassware, crockery, takeaway containers, coffee cups, napkins, coasters, paper bags, food packaging, and many other products. By incorporating your brand message and logo onto all your merchandise and packaging, you can effectively maintain your business’s presence in the minds of both existing and potential customers. This elevated marketing strategy allows you to enhance brand awareness and foster customer loyalty through the use of superbly printed products.

Glass Pad Printing and Etching, and what is the difference?

At Hospitality Superstore we are able to provide you with both pad printing or etching for your glassware. Glass pad printing is a printing technique that adds designs onto glass surfaces using ink and silicone pads, while glass etching involves removing layers of glass to create frosted or textured designs. Both method have their unique applications and can achieve different decorative effects on glass object. Both of these techniques provide slightly different results with varied minimum order quantities.

Custom Printed Grease Proof Paper

Custom greaseproof paper offers a combination of branding opportunities and functional benefits. By adding your brand’s identity to this useful packaging material, you can create a lasting impress on your customer, stand out from competitors, and enhance the overall appear of your food products.

We can provide both full and cut sheets to reduce your minimum order quantity.

Robert Gordon Stamps & Customisation

Applying your logo to a plate or piece of crockery can further strengthen brand identity and present a more cohesive look to your venue. We can provide both custom stamped crockery on Australian made Robert Gordon as well as custom designed ranges to suit your venue, budget and minimum orders.

Printed Coffee Cups & Stamps

Here at Hospitality Superstore we can provide custom printed coffee cups and disposable packaging as well as stamps and ink. This can help businesses, establish your brand presence and promote your products without breaking the bank.

Cutlery Sleeves, Napkins & Paper Bags

Custom packaging allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and values on every order. From vibrant colours to eye-catching logos, we can help you create packaging that truly represents your food venue’s identity. Whether you’re a pub, cafe, family restaurant, or a trendy food truck, adding a logo will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Custom Vinyl Wrapped Specialty Equipment

Do you have an open kitchen or bar and have a specific aesthetic and colour scheme in mind?

We can offer vinyl wrapping as an alternative to an ordinary looking machine. Send us through a colour code and we can provide you with a quote and expert advice and training on equipment today.

Painted or powder coated coffee machine & grinders

A coffee machine on display in a cafe can be the defining branding tool to set you apart from your competition. Not only is the brand of machine important but you also want to leave a lasting impression. A great option to creating this “wow factor” is painting or powder coating.

We can provide machines and customisation solutions depending on your budget.

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Order Info

Product Type Min Order Lead Time Set Up Fee
Pad Printing (Glassware) 244 units 2 weeks Yes
Etching (Glassware) 72 units 2 weeks Yes
Crockery (Robert Gordon - Australian Made) 48 units 12 weeks Yes
Crockery (Australian Fine China) 150 units 4 - 6 weeks Yes
Napkins 24,000 - 72,000 8 weeks Yes
Greaseproof Paper (Cut) Carton 50 8 weeks Yes
Disposable Coffee Cups Carton 500 8 weeks Yes
Uniforms 1 3 - 4 weeks Yes
Cutlery Pouches Carton 10 12 weeks No
Stamps for Disposable 1 1 - 2 weeks No
Ice Stamps 1 4-16 weeks No
Vinyl Wrapped Equipment 1 4 weeks No
Equipment Wrapping/Powder Coating 1 6 - 8 weeks No


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