WASHTECH Professional Glass & Dishwasher 570mm UD

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The Washtech Professional Range combines the best of modern technology with an uncompromising use of high-quality components and heavy duty stainless steel construction. The Washtech UD incorporates intuitive electronic controls providing soft wash start, eco power saver system, easy to read temperatures for HACCP reporting, chemical pump adjustments and priming, cycle customisation, immediate fault diagnosis and much more. 

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Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered) Product Code: MOUD# Categories: ,


Standard Features 
• 2.6 litres per cycle hot water consumption 
• Up to 1000 glasses per hour / 800 plates per hour 
• Electronic controls with enhanced functionality 
• Multi-cycle options – 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles with manual cycle mode, Ecopower, Soft Start and Self Cleaning cycle 
• Service diagnostics for error recognition 
• Double filtration via scrap trays and separate wash inlet filter with hot rinse retention 
• Dual chemical injectors 
• Drain pump 
• Stainless steel upper and lower wash & rinse arms with removable cleaning caps 
• Recirculates wash water at nominal 200 litres per min 
• 2.5kW wash & 3kW rinse heating 
• Cool machine front and sound dampened door 
• 350mm door clearance 
• Suits 500mm international standard racks 
• Magnetic door safety switch 
• Stainless steel construction 
• 316 grade stainless steel rinse tank 
• Easy install 
– Water supply hose 
– Dual chemical injector lines 
– Drain pump outlet hose 
– 15 amp plugset 
• Includes adjustable 150mm high legs 
• No commissioning required 
• Watermark and Smart Watermark certified

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