VITAMIX The Quiet One Blender – On Counter VM50031

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Vita-Mix® are recognised globally as one of the undisputed leaders in blending technology, with more than 70 years experience in blender design and manufacture. The speed,power and reliability of Vitamix® blenders are unparalleled and represent the best choice in blending for food and drink service operations.

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Availability: 4 in stock (can be backordered) SKU: ROVM50031 Category:


A powerful, premium blender, The Quiet One® provides unparalleled sound reduction, exceptional beverage blends for a consistently superior product and significantly improved speed of service. Specifically created for coffee shops and high-end bars, it’s ideal for any front of house environment thanks to its dramatic sound reducing capabilities. Furthermore thanks to its powerful and reliable motor, coupled with a generous warranty, it is an ideal choice for high volume juice bars or where juice or beverage production is a primary part of the business operation.

Advanced noise dampening technology for a more enjoyable customer atmosphere
Ideal for front or back of house environments
Powerful ~3 HP (peak output)* motor for efficient and powerful operation
6 pre-set program buttons on touchpad. 34 stored program options are available and up to 6 can be programmed for quick activation via the touchpad. The instruction manual outlines these programs and what beverage each is suitable for.
Manual operation with increase/decrease speed keys to vary speed control independently of set programs
High and low pulse keys to refresh drinks if required before serving
High-impact, clear/stackable Advance® container, complete with Advance® blade assembly and lid that has a total capacity of approx 2.3L with graduation marks on the side up to 1.4L to prevent over-filling of ingredients.
This is a powerful and efficient container and blade configuration that can power through various ingredients like frozen fruit, whole fruit and ice with liquid. The wide container spout quickens the pouring of dense beverages.
Magnetically sealed sound enclosure. Easy to remove for cleaning and no screws that can get lost in the process
On board hidden control board that has resettable blend count feature for cross checking register takings against number of blends.


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